What is facilities management?

Facilities management is a multi-faceted task that essentially ensures the efficient and safe operation of a building, facility or residential complex. A facilities manager is ideally suited to a property such an office building or a residential unit building that doesn’t have or is too small to have an onsite manager to co-ordinate the running of the property. Common tasks for the facilities manager include:

  • A central contact point for owners and tenants to report issues, breakdowns and repairs
  • Conducts regular inspections of the property to identify and correct health and safety hazards
  • identify that contractors have conducted their assigned tasks properly and all plant and equipment is operating safely and efficiently.
  • Seek and tender for contractors to provide regular and efficient service to the building or facility. The facility manager generally review these contractors on an annual basis to ensure the client is obtaining best value for money for the service.

    Examples of services include:

  • cleaners,
  • general maintenance trades,
  • electricians,
  • plumbers,
  • fire services technicians,
  • air-conditioning plant and equipment maintenance.


Why should I use a facilities manager?

As can be seen from above the proper running of a multi tenanted commercial property or strata residential property can be a complicated task. When a property is operated under a body corporate, responsibility of the proper operation of your building cannot be left to a body corporate manager. The role of the body corporate manager should be purely a financial and secretarial role. Neither should the responsibility of running your building be left to a few good willed committee members. A good facilities manager will fill the gap between the body corporate committee and your body corporate manager providing the essential link to a smoothly operated building.

Property brokers has extensive experience in the management of multi-lot commercial and residential including shopping centres. We have an excellent track record of reducing costs, reducing rental arrears and ensuring efficient operation of property and are happy to provide you with a list of clients that can provide references for the work we have done for them currently and in the past some of our more notable tasks include

  • Coordination of the complete removal and upgrade of the HVAC system (air-conditioning) for a four-level office building. This included the tendering for body corporate finance, air-conditioning consultants and air-conditioning technicians, including the project management of the removal of the old system and commissioning of the new HVAC.
  • Coordination of the complete renovation of shopping centre car park including gardens, shopping centre walkways and facade of entire building. Including tendering for contractors, coordination with tenants, supervision of works to ensure health and safety standards are maintained.
  • Coordination of complete resurfacing of a shopping centre including line marking.
  • Coordination of roof replacement and air-conditioning relocation of an office building including tendering for contractors and coordination of services tenants.
  • Initiation of smart water metering to dramatically reduce the loss of water due to concealed, underground leaks
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